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沙龙先生主要作品 & 音乐会录音评论 

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Updated: Feb 24, 2018

Claude Debussy: La boite a Jouxjoux and others·, Arcobaleno Records, Brussels, CD AAOC-94502

Charles Koechlin: Danses pour Ginger Rogers·,Arcobaleno Records, Brussels, CD AADC-94382

The Unknown Debussy, Unicorn-Kanchana Records, London, CD DKP (CD) 9103

Koechlin Piano Works, Orion/Naxos Records, US, CD 7804-2

Darius Milhaud: Les charmes de la vie, Unicorn-Kanchana Records, London, CD DKP (CD) 9155

Songs of Andre Caplet (with Claudette LeBlanc, soprano), Unicorn-Kanchana Records , London, CD DKP (CD)9142

Le Cortege d'Amphitrite: Songs by Charles Koechlin, Hyperion Records, London, CDA66243

Piano Works by Charles Koechlin, Nonesuch/Elektra.Asylum Records, N.Y. (LP)


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