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- Tour of Indonesia (Java and Sumatra) , March 2024

- Recital, Lang Lang Music World (Lang Lang’s school for gifted pianists in Shenzhen, China), March 2024

- Recital, Guangzhou, Middle school attached to Xinghai - Conservatory, China, March 2024

- Recital, Boston University, Concert Hall, February, 2024

- Recital, Ian Hobson International Piano Festival, San Juan Puerto Rico, (Summer of 2024)

- Recital, University of Illinois International Summer Piano Festival Piano Festival, (Summer of 2024)


- Recital, Nanyang Music Academy, Singapore, March 2024.

- Judge, Northwestern University, Chicago, Concerto Competition, April 2024

- Judge, International Cesar Franck Piano Competition, Brussels, Belgium 2024


- Paris International Piano Sessions, France

 - Recital, Harvard Club, New York City. November 11 2023

- Gala Concert, Yamaha Hall, Bangkok, Thailand (at the conclusion of the Bangkok Chopin International Piano Competition) October, 23, 2023

- Recital, Pattaya, Thailand, October 24, 2023

- Master Class and Recital, China Conservatory, November 20 2023


                          - Concert, Harvard Club, New York City

                          - Concert, Northwestern University,                                          Chicago

                          - Musical Encounters Festival, Brussels,                              Belgium

January           Recital, Northwestern University, Chicago

February         Recital, Harvard Club, New York City

May                  International Piano Festival

                          Recital at  San Juan, Puerto Rico

July                   International Piano Summer Festival 

                          Recital at University of Illinois

October 17-22  Tour of South Korea,  PMZ Festival

                          Seoul National University

                          University of Busan

                          Yansei University-Seoul

                          Sookmyung University-Seoul



Fall                   Concert, Portland State University-Oregon

Fall                   Concert, Busan University, South Korea

Fall                   Concert, PZL Festival, South Korea





January 2020  Ian Hobson International Piano Festival 

  The Steinway Junior Piano Competition

March 2020  XI Chopin International Piano Competition

Olga Kern International Piano Competition





January 2019 Artist Faculty at San Juan Puerto Rico

 Piano Recital at San Juan Puerto Rico

June 2019 Judge at Kaufmann Center International Piano Competition, New York City

July 2019 Artist Faculty at Illinois Summer Piano Festival

Piano Recital at Illinois Summer Piano Festival, University of Illinois




March 2018  Dallas International Competition

April 2018  Recital at Rice University

May 2018  Ruza International Piano Festival

              Moscow Academy of the Arts

  Central Conservatory of Music, Gulangyu Piano School

         The Fourth International Sichuan Piano Festival

     June 2018   Bilikent International Piano Festival

July 2018 Illinois University Piano Festival

 Piano Recital,  Commemorating Leonard Bernstein’s 100th Birthday, Lenox, Massachusetts,

August 2018 Vianden International Festival

October 2018 Concert with Brasilia Orchestra

Two Piano Recital with Pavel Nersessian at​ Tsai Performance Arts Center, Boston

Solo Piano Recital at​ Tsai Performance Arts Center, Boston

Olga Kern International Piano Competition

 November 2018 Judge at Worcester, Massachusetts

Judge at Schubertiade Piano Competition  

 December 2018 Concerts at Israel



March 1-3       Masterclasses, Franz Liszt Academy

                         Budapest, Hungary

May                 Concerts and Masterclasses in Brasilia and

                         Sao Paulo, Brazil



                          - Masterclasses,  Gulda Academy of Music,                               Vienna                            

                         - Masterclasses and concerts, Portland State                              University

                         - Concert and Masterclasses, University of                                Illinois International Summer Piano                                         Festival

                         - Masterclass, Seoul National University                                 - Concert and Masterclass, Busan                                               University, South Korea

                         - Masterclass and concert, Steinway Hall,                                   Seoul

                         - Masterclass, Sookmyung University, Seoul

                         - Masterclass and concert,  Sookmyung                                    University

Spring               Liszt Academy, Budapest, Hungary

                          Masterclasses Series   

May                  International Piano Festival

                          Masterclass at San Juan, Puerto Rico

Fall                   Masterclass, Yansei University



November        Masterclasses,  Bangkok, Thailand



Spring 2019  Master Classes, Eastman School of Music

Spring 2019  Master Classes, Rice University

 April 2019 Master Class at Shepherd School of Music,

Rice University, Houston, Texas

August 2019 Cadenza International Music Festival




March 2018  Dallas International Competition

March 18th, Steinway Hall in Plano, Texas 

Masterclasses at Beijing 

April 2018 Rice University, Houston, Texas

International Piano Artists Certificate Program

May 2018  Ruza International Piano Festival

May 22th -24th, Central Conservatory of Music

Gulangyu Piano School 

May 2018 The Fourth International Sichuan Piano Festival

June 2018   Bilikent International Piano Festival

June 2018, Masterclass, Central Conservatory, Beijing

July 2018 Illinois University Piano Festival

August 2018 Vianden International Festival

October 2018  Master Class at Eastman School of Music 

November 2018 Master Class at Beijing, China

 December 2018 Master Classes at Israel

Events 音乐会比赛及活动
Master Classes 大师班



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