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Prof. Sharon's Biography

Boaz Sharon is an internationally-known pianist, teacher and member of international piano juries. In 2021-22 he was judge at the Budapest Liszt International Piano Competition and performed and gave masterclasses and lectures at the Royal Academy of Music, London, Rice University, Northwestern University, Cambridge University, New York City Harvard Club and Bangkok, Thailand. In the coming year Sharon will perform and teach in Brazil, South Korea and Israel. For several years he was the Director of the Young Pianists Artist Program at Boston University Tanglewood Institute.

Over the years he has given hundreds of piano recitals, including at the Shanghai Concert Hall, Beijing Concert Hall, Xinghai Concert Hall, Guangzhou; Sao Paulo Museum of Modern Art, Gasteig, Munich,  Rudolfinum, Prague, Tchaikovsky Conservatory-Moscow, Gnessin Institute-Moscow, Mozart Hall, Seoul, Erasmus House, Jakarta, Juilliard School of Music, Phillips Collection and the National Gallery in Washington, D.C. . He toured Russia from the Far East to Moscow and performed with the Irkutsk Philharmonic and with the Ural State Orchestra in Yakaterinburg, Russia.

Sharon was Artistic Director for many years of the Prague International Piano Masterclasses and was Co-Founder of the International Piano Certificate for Piano Artists in Brussels and Paris. Among hundreds of piano masterclasses he has given have been at Beijing, Central Conservatory, Shanghai Conservatory, Xinghai Conservatory, Guangzhou, Gnessin Institute, Moscow, Royal Swedish Conservatory, Stockholm, Seoul National University, Korea University of the Arts in Seoul. His students won top awards at the Hamamatsu International Piano Competition and at the Rubinstein International Piano Competition. A frequent lecturer, Sharon has given lectures at Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia and Yale Universities and reviewed books for the Yale University Press.

Boaz Sharon specializes in the performance, lectures, articles and recording of Claude Debussy, Darius Milhaud and other French and Brazilian composers.


  • Recordings for Nonesuch/Warner Brothers, Hyperion (London) Unicorn (London) and Arcobaleno (Brussels)

  • The recording for Nonesuch was chosen as one of the top 10 recordings of the  year by Newsweek Magazine


  • First Prize and Gold Medal, Jaen International Piano Competition, Spain

  • Steinway Artist

  • Artistic Director, Sichuan International Piano Festival

  • Honorary Visiting Professor at both Shenyang Conservatory and China Conservatory, Beijing

  • Sharon is the recipient of the Charles University Medal (Prague, Czech Republic) for “significant contributions to that university”

Puerto Rico 2 (1).jpeg

At Liszt’s Apartment-Liszt Academy-in Budapest. 2021

Puerto Rico 1 (1).jpeg

​2018 沙龙教授行程​ 

March 三月

Master Class and Judge in Beijing (China) and Dallas (US)

中国北京 美国达拉斯

April 四月

Master Class and Recital in Texas (US) and Brussels (Belgium)

​美国德克萨斯 比利时布鲁塞尔

May 五月

Master Class and Recital in Ruza and Moscow (Russia) 俄罗斯

June 六月

Master Class and Recital in Ankara (Turkey)


July 七月

Master Class and Recital in Illinois (US)


August 八月

Master Class and Recital in Vianden (Luxembourg) 欧洲卢森堡公国

October 十月

Concert and Tour in Brasilia (Brazil) 巴西

Judge in New Mexico (US) 美国新墨西哥州

December 十二月

Concerts and masterclasses (Israel)


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