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沙龙先生主要作品 & 音乐会录音评论 

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纽约时报(New York Times)


"Sharon's recording, which is far more varied in its repertory than the Angel offering is most convincing in arguing that Koechlin's dreams are worth paying more attention too. ... Pedalling which allows the phrases to become fluid and fluent; and throughout, a clarity and ease that is evident in Mr. Sharon's playing. In fact, this Nonesuch recording is beautifully recorded and played."

华盛顿邮报 (The Washington Post)


"Sharon is a pianist of superb technique and keen stylistic sense. In his performances, Koechlin emerges convincingly as a composer worth more attention."

观察家 (Spectator/ US) 

“这个CD所包含的是带给人美好享受的最新乐章。这些超级享受由葆兹·沙龙  变成现实。”

"This CD's title is the latest of the delightful scores performed here. All are superbly realized by Boaz Sharon."

新闻周刊 (Newsweek)


The Koechlin recording (Nonesuch/Asylum Elektra) was chosen as one of the best 11 recordings for that year.

每日新闻(Daily News / New York)

“以色列钢琴家葆兹·沙龙 演奏了 “巴西之恨” 全曲,米尤作品《让·雷诺》,1993年改编于“ 葆沃莱女士”,中的一份大餐 和其它精选的组曲和独奏曲。米尤的钢琴曲辛辣,夺人般执白,充满高卢魅力。沙龙的 演奏透彻,富有感染力。”

"Israeli pianist Boaz Sharon plays the complete "Saudades do Brazil", a generous helping of selection from Milhaud's score of Jean Renoir's 1993 adaptation of " Madame Bovary" and a well chosen assortment of other suites and solo pieces. Milhaud's piano music is spicy, disarmingly unprofound and full of Gallic charm, and Sharon performs it with understanding affection."

美国录音指南 (American Record Guide)


"Pianist Boaz Sharon, a distinguished interpreter of Koechlin's piano music with fine recordings to his credit, brings out wonderful nuances, complementing Miss Leblanc's every interpretive idea with perfect understanding."

美国栎兹协会会刊 (Journal of the American Liszt Society / US)


"Sharon has a magical touch with this music. He never tries to probe below the surface too much, for there is not a lot to explore at that level. Let me welcome this first solo record by the Israeli pianist Boaz Sharon whose poetic imagination, sensitive phrasing, wide dynamic range of refined colour and meticulous observation of every indication of touch and dynamics makes one eager to hear him again."

美国录音指南 (American Record Guide)

“沙龙扑捉了 “巴西之恨”中12支探戈曲的复杂旋律及李斯· 查姆斯 ·德拉维更加复杂宽广的音域······ 他们的简洁是表面的,要达到他们的轻松与明晰,需要相当的技巧。······这个专辑与彼利埃蒂斯的CD一样吸引人,沙龙是一个更好的表述者。俩个专辑都是瑰宝,但是如果你想欣赏米尤的最具魅力的钢琴曲,这是一个较好的选择。”

"(Sharon) captures the complex rhythms of the 12 tangos of Saudades do Brazil and the more complex polytonal voices of Les Charmes de la Vie... Their simplicity is deceptive and it takes considerable skill to achieve the lightness and clarity they require. ..This selection is just as interesting (as Billi Eidi's CD) and Sharon is a better interpreter. Both are valuable, but if what you want is a sampling of Milhaud's most charming piano music, this is the better choice."

音乐美国 (Musical America / US)


 "Instead, he lets the music speak for itself, which is the best thing possible. The pianist makes the music come alive by having what the music requires: nimble fingers and a facile style. This combination lets the music sparkle, sing, and dance, which it constantly does. Sharon and Unicorn have done the profession and Milhaud a real service with this attractive, effective, sunny music. Highly recommended."

数码有声 (Digital Audio / US)

“对于这些作品,葆兹·沙龙 的钢琴演奏是人们想要的一切,清晰的表达,对潜伏在音乐背后的成熟美的真实感受。”

"Boaz Sharon's piano is everything one could want for these pieces, with clear articulation and a true feel for the overripe decadence that lurks behind the music."

高保真 (Hi Fidelity / US)



"Boaz Sharon, a Koechlin specialist, handles the piano parts, some of them exceptionally difficult, with easy expertise."

喇叭 (Fanfare / US)


"Piano Music by Darius Milhaud CD selected as one of the "Want List" CD's for 1995"

喇叭 (Fanfare / US)



"Now there is a second superb (Milhaud) offering, by the Israeli pianist Boaz Sharon. This, then, is something very rare, a recording that brings before the public some great and neglected music in performances of tremendous musicality and intelligence... In giving us this superb recording of Milhaud piano music, and particularly the more unusual selections, Boaz Sharon and Unicorn-Kanchana have produces something very valuable. I will treasure it and give it my highest recommendation..."

克利夫兰朴素人  (Cleveland Plain Dealer / US)

“通过完美的把握高难度动作象合奏和踏板,沙龙证明了自己是杰出的杜彼賽钢琴家。在印象派色彩和稳定的轮廓之间,达到了辉煌的平衡。他成功地演奏了"Damoiselle elue"...。现在又录制了美妙的杜彼賽。”

"Sharon reveals himself as an excellent Debussy pianist, with a sure command of such tricky matters as choir-balance and pedalling. He achieves a splendid balance between impressionist coloration and a firmness of outline. He does a beautiful job with the "Damoiselle elue"... Now comes this excellent Debussy recording."

凯尼  (Kenny G. / WMFU, NJ / US)


"Wonderful Satie-esqe piano melodies, played by Boaz Sharon, one of my favorite pianists."

英国广播公司杂志  (BBC Magazine / London)


"Boaz Sharon gives sensitive and persuasive performances... Full of Twenties jazz influence, Latin American rhythms, harmonies playing colourfully with polytonality and overall an acerbically French sense of irony, the music represented here is worth exploring."

CD 评论 (CD Review /London)


"Consistently virtuosic and scintillating projection from Boaz Sharon. ...A real treat for the sweet tooth."

欧洲钢琴教师协会杂志  (European Piano Teachers Association Journal / London)

“葆兹·沙龙使36件作品包括一套李斯· 查姆斯 ·德拉维的作品成为诗和大师级作品。”

"Boaz Sharon brings poetry and virtuosity to 36 pieces including the set Les Charmes de la Vie."

留声机  (Gramophone / London


"Sharon, who studied with Stefan Askenase and Leonard Shure, is a musicianly artist who has cultivated a wealth of subtle colors in his tone, both through his touch and in the intricacies of pedaling required for this music"

古典音乐CD  (Classic CD / UK)

“葆兹·沙龙是人们所期望的钢琴家,有品味,渊博。通过自然流畅的弹奏,他能为每一个音符添上色彩。低音和弦缠绵悠扬。铐帕卡巴拿,《巴西作曲家》的第四乐章则在轻柔节段所创造的眩晕中闪烁。沙龙的踏板完美无瑕……而且录制的近乎想象的完美…… 如果你喜欢米尤,你将热爱这张碟。从头至尾的享受。”(五星级的演奏和录制。) 

"Boaz Sharon is as tasteful and resourceful pianist as one could hope for. With velvety touch he finds complimentary colours for each voice within the textures. Phrases sing over bass chords which purr drowsily. Copacabana, the fourth of the Brazilian Sketches shimmers in a heat-haze of gentle dissonance. Sharon's pedalling here is immaculate...

 Furthermore, the recording is as near perfection as one could imagine...If you like Milhaud, you'll love this disc. A delight from start to finish." (Five stars given for performance and recording.)

歌提特  (Gitit / Israel)


"Sharon's playing has an extraordinary sense of inner strength and a special affinity to style--one of a true Francophile. Sharon has the rare ability to successfully struggle with the French aesthetics with its ideal of beauty and refinement."

音乐世界  (Le monde de la musique / France)


"Under a seeming serenity, the technical difficulties for singer and pianist alike are numerous. Extremely well accompanied by Boaz Sharon." (Recording of Andre Caplet art melodies.)

留声机  (Gramophone / London


"Sharon-far more sensitive than Noel Lee on his set of complete (Debussy) music-manages to capture its innocent intimacy (especially in its light hearted parody without condescension; and he gives us so joyously eventful a reading that we are rarely reminded that we have only a keyboard approximation of Debussy's ideas. The rest of the disc is impressive as well. ...His gracious, lingering Prelude (nearly as slow as the Stokowski/LSO account demonstrates a remarkable touch... On the whole, though, an impressive recital, that, combined with Adrian Corleonis'rave over his Koechlin makes me anxious to hear Sharon in more substantial repertoire."

高保真和录音评论 (Hi Fi and Record Review / UK)


" I found myself completely drawn into the performances-which owe a lot to Boaz Sharon's equally lush piano tone and match phrase shaping."

留声机  (Gramophone / London


Piano Music by Darius Milhaud CD selected as one of "1995 Good CD Recordings

留声机  (Gramophone / London


 "Hyperion, on the other hand, aimed high and so unequivocally hit its mark that one returns to this album again and again with admiration and gratitude... Professor Sharon possesses, as well, the digital fleetness, flair, and high artistry to b ring persuasive shape to the hovering ambiguity of Koechlin's mature works... From the carefully chosen program to the piquant art, this is a model presentation. Also-need I say? landmark, classic and indispensable."

留声机  (Gramophone / London


"It is only in the Quatre esquisses that the Israeli pianist Boaz Sharon's recital overlaps with the enjoyable one by Billi Eidi... Here is another sympathetic performance of these quirkily melodious pieces... Such is the elegant inventiveness of the music and the quality of the playing that that (monotony) is avoided. Milhaud enthusiasts will need no urging to investigate this useful addition to the discography."

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